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Do you need support in maintaining continuity while you are hiring or coverage for a leave? Do you need support in revising your organization’s values/structure to meet business goals? Do you need an objective perspective on your current practices on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to develop sustainable and effective efforts for the future? EMG can help with this and more! Schedule your free consultation by clicking HERE!

HI-LO Approach

At The Erika Monaé Group (EMG), we are consultants and coaches that have over 10 years experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development, who passionately believe that everyone should have a fair and healthy work environment that nourish and sustain their lives. We do this by helping leaders build trust and solid relationships so that they can lead in authenticity to manifest social change and re-envision the places we work, play, and gather.

In order to achieve this, EMG believes that we must bring authenticity, humility, and action into the workplace. Our intentionally designed consulting services will help your business in the four (4) areas that are most influential to your future success, known as HI-LO:

Human resources, Inclusion, Leadership and Organizational capability

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  • Compliance: Employment Laws & Safety Regulations
  • Employee Handbooks & Policy Creation
  • Compensation, Payroll & Benefits
  • Talent Management Strategy (including but not limited to: Workforce Planning, Recruitment & Selection, On-boarding & Employee Engagement, Training & Development/ Facilitation, Performance Management, Succession Planning)


  • Diversity, Equity & Belonging
  • Culture & Organizational Structure
  • Communication & Decision Making Authority
  • Team Building & Dynamics


  • Authentic Leadership & Career Development
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence (Self Awareness)
  • On-boarding, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Conflict Management & Building Trust


  • Change Management
  • Learning Agility & Talent Systems
  • Employee & Leader experience
  • Strategic Interventions, Process Design & Mapping


Our packages are designed to ensure your business is prepared for any challenges that may arise during unexpected times of change, helping with strategy and creative thinking so that you feel comfortable in establishing your new normal, and supporting you with the changes that you are faced with as well as the proper structure for your people.

In order to create effective solutions for your business, EMG will learn more about your culture/people, structures, leadership values/beliefs, and other relevant information through a research process called a Situational Analysis. This analysis provides us with a frame of reference for potential areas of need and it serves as a starting benchmark to measure progress as the project moves forward.

Packages are offered as:

  • Project based
  • Interim solution
  • On-going consultation

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