The Erika Monaé Group (EMG) is a leadership and HR coaching & consulting practice grounded in authenticity, humility and action. It is the mission of EMG to build people and organizations from the inside out resulting in a more inclusive, fair, and healthy workforce for the next generation. In order to make this happen we are very intentional with our approach and execution of services. We understand that everyone has value and a light to shine. It is with that understanding where we are able to focus on enhancing who you are, your strengths and values. You are already great, we just help you see it in a better light.

The Erika Monaé Group partners with leaders and organizations to provide them with the opportunity to decide what the golden rule(s) are in their workplace and create solutions that result in sustained change. We help leaders build trust and solid relationships so that they can lead in authenticity to manifest social change and re-envision the places we work, play, and gather.

In helping professionals navigate their career journey, we have developed a 4-step system called “Navigating your SHIP” in which the word “SHIP” derives from the word LeaderSHIP. The SHIP system is the most critical as it is the pre-requisite for leadership and for all professionals to abide by. SHIP stands for:

S – Self awareness and discipline

H – Honoring your values

I – Identify your tribe

P – Protect your peace


Are you a professional who needs support navigating your career journey? Are you a leader who is stressed because it hard building a community with your team? Do you feel devalued, and/or overwhelmed? We can help!


Is there a need for talent management strategy in your organization? Is there a coaching need for your HR and/or leadership teams? We would love to collaborate!


Does your organization have an idea for a workshop or training program and need support on development and facilitation? Erika Monaé has also presented on various topics at numerous conferences and retreats. If you are in need of a speaker for your event and would like to know how we can partner, please send an email to contactus@erikamonaegroup.com

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