Get Ready Because We are BACK in 2024!

Networking on Purpose will be back in January 2024 and we are still meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month! A big thank you to the the event host, Centric Place, for helping to make this networking experience a space where authenticity is accepted, community is cultivated and learning is long-lasting.

Light food and refreshments will be provided! 

On purpose: being intentional with networking with like-minded professionals.

For a purpose: centered on donating proceeds from this event to the Spotlight Nonprofit Organization of the month.

Join us the 3rd Thursday of each month!

Networking on Purpose is uniquely designed for progressive and emerging professionals to enhance their network, on purpose but for a purpose. This affinity networking event takes place the third (3rd) Thursday of each month (January – October) where there will be a different topic to discuss with others and hear from a moderated, diverse panel of exceptional thought leaders. Attendees will come with their elevator pitch/introduction and leave equipped for growth (both personally and professionally) with a community that supports them!

EMG coaches professionals on how to navigate their S.H.I.P throughout their career journey. S.H.I.P stands for: 

S – Self-awareness and discipline 

H – Honoring your values 

– Identify your tribe 

P – Protect your peace

The Networking on Purpose event series will allow for all guests to show up and be authentically themselves (Be You), be kind to themselves and others (Be Kind), and have full confidence to take action on their unique light to shine in this world (SHINE). This event caters to the “I” in S.H.I.P. which is “Identify your tribe“; the goal of this intentional networking event is to help professionals to build their professional community with genuine and like-minded professionals that could eventually lead to great professional development, career advancement opportunities and people that they can lean on for a lifetime. 

Remember: Your give must be bigger than your ask and always be intentional – Network on purpose and for a purpose.

Sponsorship and Fundraising Opportunities

If you would like to be a featured non-profit organization in the Networking on Purpose series OR support this cause of this event with a sponsorship, please send an email to Sponsorship payments are accepted via PayPal.

Your participation will strengthen the collaboration among EMG, like-minded professionals & non-profits and the local culture & community. The value of this collaboration will propel the workforce forward into the future with healthy people advocating for healthy environments that will produce healthy outcomes.

INCREASE your brand exposure and elevate your organizational identity within the community. JOIN THE MOVEMENT to change lives and make a real impact for professionals. STRENGTHEN your your organization’s reputation as an action-oriented organization to your customers, employees and local residents.

Networking on Purpose Videos

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